What is Yousician, and how do you use it?

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It’s clear as broad daylight that technology is making livelihoods easier. Now, having an internet connection and little knowledge about how to get online services is enough to find suitable platforms for your daily tasks. For instance, you can hire a cleaning service for your home, order anything from e-commerce stores, and earn money by sitting on your comfortable chair through freelancing.

But in this case, if you love listening to music and want to learn your favorite instrument, the Yousician instrument training platform will be the perfect option. This Finnish instrument training platform provides opportunities to learn popular musical instruments. You only have to install it on your device to start your instrument learning guide.

Important features of Yousician you should know about!

Before choosing this application or any other software for this purpose, It’ll be helpful to read customer reviews on websites like reviewsbird.fi to know about other users’ experiences.

This application has an interactive approach and offers a variety of options. With compatibility for Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows, getting access to the platform is convenient. Here’s a glimpse at its remarkable features:

User-Friendly Interface

This application trains you to play instruments through games. You can enjoy using the software and learn conveniently. If you want to learn guitar, it’ll make an engaging game. Moreover, it displays a score to keep you interested.

During sign-up, it’ll ask you about your skill level, and after watching the tutorial, you’re good to go. It’ll guide you, and you’ll learn to play the guitar or any other instrument you have chosen through a simple game. For better learning, here’s a tip,  consider every game step a mission and achieve a score at each level. There are many more Finnish apps, but the experience that Yousician brings is unique.

Learn through lessons

You can watch and listen to lessons if you want extra details and know every bit of your favorite instrument. They have a team of qualified teachers who have recorded lectures on every instrument.

They have divided lessons into three parts: Lead, Rhythm, and study of music theory. If you want to learn Piano, Ukulele, voice, etc., they provide you with exercises, video tutorials, and introductory lessons. During your learning, you can get feedback from teachers.


To get access to the full version and all instruments, you must pay almost 180$. Membership plans range from 10$-110$ monthly. You can get discounts if you want a family member subscription. The free trial won’t provide access to the training process, so you must buy the membership.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, almost all of the services are at your click. Smart gadgets are making it possible to learn, earn, buy, and sell online. Yousician is one of the innovative platforms enabling users to learn about musical instruments at home. Unlike other instrument training software, it has game adaptation to train users. Therefore, you will enjoy its interface. It’ll motivate you indirectly to achieve the next mission in the game.