Xfinity Self Protection is Your Ultimate Security Plan

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Due to its speed, accessibility, and user-friendliness, Xfinity by Comcast is the most dependable, well-liked, and in-demand internet service provider in the USA. For its consumers, Xfinity offers a ton of benefits, and each of its services is enhanced by these benefits. In addition to TV, Home Phone, and Internet, Xfinity also offers a Self-Protection service, which includes smart home security gadgets and devices like cameras, locks, doorbells, and sensors to guarantee your home protection.

As we know, Xfinity is one of the most flexible internet service providers, so it allows you to choose your own plan according to your needs. For Xfinity Self Protection, there are three plans offered by Xfinity, ranging from basic to premium. These plans, however, provide all required tools and services for home security. You receive a number of entry kits, keypads, sensors, locks, and security cameras.

We will cover everything you need to know about Xfinity Self Protection plans in this article. So, read on to learn for yourself.

Pair it with xFi Gateway for More Value

Well, to get the most out of your Xfinity payment, rent the xFi gateway along with your self-protection plan and sign up for the Xfinity internet package. Both convenience and security will be increased as a result. Besides, not only does it create value for money, it adds an extra level of security by providing you with Advanced Security which is a personalized security system specifically for your network.

The xFi also makes your smart home run in integration by providing high coverage, and also privacy is its top priority.


Xfinity Smart Video Doorbell

By giving you a head-to-toe HD Night Vision view of the area outside the door, the Video Doorbell with Xfinity enables you to see the person at the door. You can view the footage of the door and the person there from the comfort of your home or from a distance using a mobile app.

You can use the two-way audio to communicate with whoever is at the door as well as check to see whether motion has been detected. You can even receive visitors remotely. This gives your Video Doorbell a full HD audio-visual experience.

Smart Locks

Up to three, Kwikset Smart Locks can be added to your home’s system. Even if you are not home, your friends and relatives can still enter – thanks to the effectiveness of these locks. They are compatible with your other devices and are accessible through the Xfinity app. Even while you are not at home, you have full access to your home’s entrances, which is incredibly useful.

Additionally, it alerts you when the house is locked or unlocked, and the auto-lock feature can come in handy when you forget.

Efficient Security Cameras

The outdoor/indoor security cameras from Xfinity Home are the initial feature of the smart home security system. Up to six cameras that you may directly connect to your xFi gateway, and the Xfinity Home App are yours to select from. These cameras are remotely controllable, and you may access the video from them from any location.

Night Vision and HD picture quality are available. In addition, the camera has two-way audio for communication, detects motion, and is simple to install on your own. Because of this, you can always access all of your home’s video, and just in case you need to go back and view something or find something, the cloud has up to seven days’ worth of video recorded.

Alerts You in Time

All of your Xfinity smart home devices are linked to a single network, and the Xfinity home app gives you access to all of them. You receive real-time alerts anytime motion is detected on the cameras, video doorbell, or entryways, thanks to the devices’ connection to your smartphone. The technology is intelligent and effective enough to alert you to any threats, even potential ones.

It notifies you if one of your smart door locks is being tampered with or when a camera detects motion. Therefore, you may always stay connected with your home thanks to the real-time notifications.

Allows You to Integrate Other Smart Devices With Your Xfinity Ecosystem

The xFi gateway device, however, not only helps secure your entire network but also serves as a center for all of your devices. To make your Xfinity home run seamlessly and to its greatest potential, you can connect it to the xFi gateway. Additionally, by adding non-Xfinity smart devices to your hub, you may connect them and make them a part of your smart home. The xFi gateway functions as a hub, building your network while assuring its confidentiality and security.

Besides, since you have the xFi gateway, you don’t need to worry about the non-Xfinity devices being isolated from the rest of the network.

Helps You Access Your Home System On the Way

With the help of the app and the 20 million hotspots offered by Xfinity nationwide, you may remotely access your home system from anywhere at any time. You can access your system whenever you want to check on your home, monitor activities, or even manage the home’s technology – thanks to the hotspots, which are secure for Xfinity customers.

Allows You to Search Footage Whenever and Wherever You Want

You can use the footage and afterward find whatever you need from the cloud – thanks to the effective and clever home system. The footage search can be categorized and filtered by people, animals, or even a vehicle action. Therefore, even if something occurs that you need to record on your cameras, the effective system of your camera makes it simpler for you by including filters.

Final Words

In that case, Xfinity self-protection may be your best option if you want to defend your home and are looking at both cost-effective and value-adding options. For increased value and simplicity, you can power it simultaneously with your internet plan and the xFi gateway device. In addition, the xFi gateway serves as a center for your whole network.

If you are seeking cost effectiveness, Xfinity also offers free Xfinity Flex and Peacock premium, among other advantages. Don’t forget to bundle Xfinity Self Protection with other services if you want to save money and get the most out of your subscriptions.